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It’s Cold AF out so Here’s a Guide to Some of the Best New Parkas

No matter your personality or needs, one of these four cozy options is bound to suit you.


We’ve been hearing a lot about innovative new parkas lately, but didn’t think too much about them till we stepped outside this morning and holy f*ck it’s officially cold. If you’re feeling that chill — and hey, why else would you be reading this story? — now’s the time to invest in a parka that’ll keep you toasty for years to come. So here are four new ones blowing up our radar, each with its own unique features to suit different kinds of people and needs.

Askov Finlayson The Winter Parka

Best Climate Advocate Parka 

Minneapolis-based Askov Finlayson bills itself as “the world’s first climate positive outerwear brand.” Say what? It’s true, in a way. The brand offsets 110 percent of its carbon impact with donations to organizations fighting climate change. Whether that strikes a chord or not, The Winter Parka will help you fight inclement weather, thanks to 3M Thinsulate 100 percent recycled synthetic insulation, rated comfortable to 20 degrees below. AF also offers a lifetime warranty and a “One Winter Guarantee,” meaning if you somehow do freeze your tuchus off wearing this thing, you can return it for a full refund. Plus, the brand hooked us up with an exclusive promo code — enter GP20 at checkout to take 20 percent off.

BUY NOW: $495

Down Official 3-in-1 Daniel Parka

Best Versatile Parka

DOWN Official is on a mission to take Canada Goose down on a number of factors, including cost, production process and quality. At a cost of $399, this parka is definitely winning in that first category, but what about the others? The jacket is filled with certified responsibly sourced down and boasts a water-repellant shell, “Airpod stash pocket” and removable hood. Plus it’s a 3-in-1, and while this jacket style can be polarizing, getting such a versatile combo at such an affordable price point is a pretty enticing proposition.

BUY NOW: $399

Eddie Bauer Superior Tailgate Parka

Best Parka for Not Dying in a Parking Lot While Waiting for the Jets to Lose

If ever a parka were designed specifically for the way most people use one, this Eddie Bauer offering is it. Sure, some of us are racing sled dogs and snowshoeing in the backcountry, but many of us are simply rocking these jackets in and around urban areas and stadiums, and the Superior Parka is here for that. Among other features, this coat packs a built-in seat cushion, two bottle openers, a detachable koozie, removable food-grade pocket, hidden pocket for stashing a flask, a clear ticket pocket, a high pile fleece-lined back lining and a fur-lined split hood. Any questions?

BUY NOW: $549

Voormi Wolf Creek Parka

Best Sub-Zero Conditions Parka

If you’re facing truly brutal weather and price is no object, Voormi has you covered. The Wolf Creek Parka (shipping by mid-January) is the warmest garment the brand has ever made, fortified with it’s latest and greatest textile platform, Surfaced Hardened Uc Dual-Layer Insulation. The outside features four-way stretch woven wool laminate with a DWR finish, the inside boasts precision blended wool, and between those two layers is 750-fill white goose down, some of the best sub-zero insulation money can buy. Snag the coyote fur-trimmed hood version for an extra $125 and you’ll have not one but two animals keeping you toasty.

Pre-Order Now: $1,275+

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