XFire Bike Lane Safety Light

Draw the Lines


Biking in the city can be a wonderful experience, especially when the sun starts to fade and the world quiets down. Unfortunately, it can also be a deathtrap, overshadowing your pleasure with the fear of being made into road goulash by an oblivious suburban mom in an SUV the size of your 2nd grade classroom. The XFire Bike Lane Safety Light ($40) places a visual barrier between you and said mom while also lighting your way.

This revolutionary light utilizes two high-visibility red lasers (no, you can’t fire them at the driver) to project a virtual bike lane around you as you pedal. It’s bright enough to be visible under headlights and streetlights, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll only work in the darkest parts of your ‘hood. The light itself, which fits onto your ride using a universal attachment bracket, includes 5 LED bulbs so you can be seen doing your best version of Breaking Away ; it’s also weatherproof and shockproof for durability. And though it will provide a visual barrier for ignorant drivers, don’t think that some goof won’t be totally mesmerized by your “faux lane” and plow into the car in front of him. Always ride safe.

Buy Now: $40

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