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This New Clothing Is for People Who Don’t Like Riding Bikes Outside

With temperatures dropping into the teens and snowstorms becoming frequent, cyclists are getting forced indoors and Rapha is at the ready with all-new kit.


Recently, a horde of New Yorkers flooded the Internet with a little-used weather term, “snow squall.” The National Weather Service defines a snow squall as “an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall… often accompanied by gusty winds,” and the photos that came out of New York depicted ominous scenes that might’ve come from the 2004 climate disaster film The Day After Tomorrow.

The late afternoon storm moved swiftly. Still, it was enough to derail any after-work outdoor exercise intentions, and it underscored the unfortunate fact that for the next few months, many of us cyclists will be riding inside as often as out. Fortunately, Rapha is at the ready with a new collection of indoor-specific cycling apparel.

Rapha’s new collection is, in a word, minimal. Just as its outdoor pieces react to conditions that might complicate a ride – muggy heat, frigid wind, snow squalls – its indoor training collection supports the elements of riding tens of miles in a small room. Instead of bibs, it includes chamois-enhanced shorts. Then there’s a sweat-wicking sleeveless tank made for time spent hunched in a riding position, unlike the old tee you might’ve otherwise worn.

As with all of its technical cycling gear, Rapha approached the collection meticulously. It might not make you love riding inside, but it’s enough to keep you comfy when you have to.

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