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Gerber GO Bag

Jump starting your adventure kit


Whether it’s for your bug-out bag or your hiking kit, the fundamental survival items — knife, flashlight, multitool, your bag itself — make up 98% of what you’ll use and anchor your camp/hike/escape. The Gerber GO Bag ($274) gives you the whole kit and caboodle. Not only does it provide a laundry list of quality, necessary gear (Gerber foldable knife, rainproof notepad, Sight multitool, Recon task light, metal water bottle, frog lube cleaner/lubricant/preservative, pocket reference guide), but it also throws them all in a perfect receptacle: a Maxpedition Mongo satchel. With such a strong starting lineup, who knows what you’ll add next. Parachute? Hatchet? A few sticks of gum, McGyver style? The GO Bag comes out November 23, so you have some time to plan.

Buy Now: $274 (November 23)

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