Hardcore Hatchet

Don't bury this one

Hardcore Hammers

Often, when you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. So good on Hardcore Hammers for busting their own paradigm with the Hardcore Hatchet ($45). The move is a natural one for the hammer makers — from one artful, useful expression of wood and metal to another. Like their hammers, every hatchet is individually handcrafted in the USA and ready to be put to work. Each of the five variants, from the “Zombie Apocalypse” with a curved handle to the straight-handled “Naturalist”, has a forged steel head with a reverse-side hammer and a long handle for power; they’re perfect for slaying small trees, splitting small cordwood or dressing out game. Naturally, if you’re filling the role of “hatchet man”, the reference is symbolic — though having one of these beauties on the desk might make the job easier.

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