Get More For Less With These Five Killer Products

In just about every product vertical you can find products that simply outshine their price tags.

Quiet Carry Bandit Ti

One of the great thrills of being a gear head is finding a great deal. But too much attention can be paid to markdowns, promotions and sale pricing. That’s where bang-for-buck thinking comes in. In just about every product vertical you can find products that simply outshine their price tags, making them bargains even at MSRP. We pulled together some of our favorites to get you started. Find more great deals at the Gear Patrol Store.

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Marathon General Purpose Mechanical Composite Watch

Marathon may not be a household name in the watch world, but it’s been manufacturing military-issued watches for the better part of 50 years. The General Purpose Mechanical Composite is a tough little mechanical wristwatch with a case constructed from high-impact fiber shell, for lightweight durability. The Tritium gas tubes on the dial and hands help this bulletproof three-hander perform in just about any condition you can throw at it. You won’t find anything with this provenance and versatility at this price point.

Buy Now: $360

Velomacchi Giro 35L Backpack

A high speed, watertight and versatile backpack with a magnetic hidden side pocket along the back of the bag, the Giro 35L pack is the most agile of the Velomacchi lineup. While originally designed for ‘high-speed commuters,’ the Giro is well-suited for just about any adventure and will stand up to serious abuse year in and year out. Best of all, the Giro’s pricetag is extremely approachable given its unparalelled build quality.

Buy Now: $149

Intension Design 4×12 Tray

Copy: Milled from solid billets of aluminum, lined with Ultrasuede and fitted with a non-marking rubber seat, the 4×12 Tray serves tirelessly as a catchall for keys, wallet, pocketknife and pens – or whatever else you’ve got riding around in your pockets. And, sporting two thoughtfully placed cutouts for charging cables, it will serve as a great resting place for your phone.

Buy Now: $65

Quiet Carry Bandit Ti

The original titanium micro knife, the Bandit Ti is no bigger than a standard house key. Its size makes it perfect for attaching to your keychain or a zipper for easy access, cutting through life’s daily tasks handily. While it’s a bit bigger and more expensive than other simple keychain blades, the Bandit makes up for it with an incredibly robust built and blade that won’t quit. Find it in four sharp finishes.

Buy Now: $40

Matador Packable Bags

Matador’s lineup of ultra-light, highly packable technical packs and bags has upended the adventure travel game. Constructed of weatherproof ripstop Cordura and boasting welded seams and waterproof zippers, Matador’s bags are incredibly strong yet pack down extremely small. Meet the brand that will redefine how you think about — and pack for — your next adventure.

Buy Now: $49+

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