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On Cloudracer

Fleeter feet


If the race goes to the swift, the swift are advised to go get a pair of On Cloudracer ($129) running shoes. 18 Cloudtec low-profile cushioning elements increase running efficiency, according to an independent research study (through the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) that showed a lower heart rate and reduced lactate buildup at a given running pace. Aimed at sub-2:50 marathoners, these kicks weigh a minimalist 8.6 ounces: not quite the zephyr the name implies, but certainly nothing that will hold you back.

Combined with the low 5mm heel-toe drop, this is the shoe for a runner who weighs less than 160 pounds and strikes midfoot; a bigger runner or a heel striker is not going to be comfortable (nor likely to be churning out 26 sub-6:30 miles). The perforated tongue and airy mesh upper make for cool, breathable racing flat that’s supposedly good for 4-5 races. That’s longer than Pheidippides lasted.

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