One Way to Upgrade Your Camping Setup? A Better Spork

Most sporks don’t function nearly as well as they claim.


Two years ago, a company called Hadron Gear challenged my long-held conviction that sporks are useless utensils. It did that through a thoughtful redesign that lengthens the implement while adjusting its shape to make it better at scraping and cooking. I wasn’t the only one who taking notice: it raised nearly $160,000 on Kickstarter. Now the company is updating that design to please the pickiest wilderness wanderers around, ultralighters.

The new spork, called the Morsel Metal, carries over much of what makes its predecessor great. It has an elongated handle so that it can reach deep into bowls, pots and dehydrated meal bags, its fork has full-length tines and its silicon-coated spoon has a hard angle corner for scraping every last bit of food out of corners and crevices. The difference? Its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Aluminum is lightweight and sturdy, helping the Morsel Metal achieve a weight of 0.85 ounces. But, knowing that even that will be too heavy for some campers, Hadron Gear is creating versions of the new spork without silicon and with a shorter handle — the lightest of the bunch weighs half an ounce.

The Morsel Metal is funding on Kickstarter — backers have pledged $43k and counting — and you can preorder one for $16 for a projected delivery in May, just in time for summer camping.

Preorder Now: $16

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