Get the Most from Your Run with These New Compression Tights

2XU makes highly techincal sportswear that will improve any workout.


2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) was built on a passion for sport and an obsession with performance fabrics. As technology in both fabrics and other sports equipment continues to advance, it’s hard not to take notice of its impact on performance. You won’t run the same in two different pairs of shoes, and the same is true for the clothing you wear when you’re running. 2XU fabrics and garments are backed up by independent scientific research, and are meant to deliver real physiological benefits to athletes of all abilities. We took a look at a pair of the brand’s Run Dash Compression Tights to see what makes 2XU so special.

1. Never Lose Your Cool: Don’t let the heat slow you down. The Run Dash Compression Tights are made with power mesh leg panels that help to cool you down, making them breathable and supportive for your best run yet.

2. Smart Compression: Not all compression is created equal. 2XU’s signature graduated compression distributes levels of compression throughout the tights. This helps direct blood flow towards your heart, boosting circulation and reducing swelling and soreness after your workout.

3. Storage and Comfort: With its flatlock sewn seams, the Run Dash Compression Tights won’t chafe and a drawstring waist helps you secure the fit. They are even outfitted with a large rear pocket so you can carry all your running essentials with ease.

Buy Now: $105

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