Upgrade Your EDC With This Knife Designed by Aerospace Engineers

The X-1 Ultralight Titanium Knife from Resolute Aero is for anyone who loves simplicity, reliability and lightweight gear.


At first glance, a knife is a fairly straightforward tool. It’s one of the few tools we had even before the wheel, and it’s as simple as can be; it’s got a handle, a blade and — well, you get the point. It’s not rocket science. That said, if you’ve ever wondered what a knife might look like if it was designed by rocket scientists, it would look exactly like the X-1 Ultralight Titanium Knife from Resolute Tools. Designed by the team of aerospace engineers at Resolute Aero and manufactured in-house in the USA with a grade five titanium frame and aluminum-bronze bearing alloy slider, the X-1 is the ultralight EDC essential. Plus, the blades are easy to change without a single extra tool, making it ideal for air — or perhaps even space travel.

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