This New Knife Is Extra-Sharp, Thanks to Innovative New Tech

Benchmade’s newest fixed-blade knife bridges the gap between the outdoors and the kitchen and debuts some new blade technology too.


Nobody knows the advantage of a sharp knife edge like a butcher. But those specialists aren’t the only ones who process meat — chefs and hunters do too, and Benchmade just revealed a new knife called the Meatcrafter for where those pursuits intersect.

To ensure the Meatcrafter can handle boning, field processing and kitchen work, Benchmade tapped the expertise of Steve Rinella, the host of Netflix’s hunting show “MeatEater.” Over 18 months, the team dialed in the Meatcrafter’s shape as well as details like the flex and size of its blade.

Like all kitchen knives and many hunting knives, the Meatcrafter is a fixed blade. It has a G10 handle and a trailing-point blade that’s just over six inches in length and made of S45VN steel, a newer premium type from Crucible Industries that balances all properties.

The Meatcrafter also debuts Benchmade’s new SelectEdge tech. We’re getting into the knife tech weeds a bit, but essentially, Benchmade created a proprietary sharpening method that produces a smoother, sharper edge that still maintains its durability and is ideal for the type of cuts you might make when working with meat (as opposed to opening packages, chopping wood or other cutting tasks). For now, Benchmade is only applying SelectEdge to its hunting fixed blades, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it adapted to other knives at some point.

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