Everything You Need to Set Up Your First Slackline

Want to take up slacklining? Here’s all the gear you need to get started.

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Why take up slacklining? It’s an incredible way to improve balance and core strength, as well as a great option for both injury prevention and recovery. With its focus on balance and breath, slacklining can even be a moving meditation similar to yoga.

Popularized by climbers in the ‘80s, slacklining is similar to tightrope walking, but with a few key differences. Slackliners walk along a stretchy line of fabric, called “webbing,” that is anchored between two points. Most newbies get started lowlining, which is just what it sounds like — stringing up your slackline about three feet off the ground.

Slackliners are known to get creative with what they use as anchor points, but most of the time, trees and a-frame kits serve the purpose. Thus, portability is one of slacklining’s best qualities. You can bring your line to the park, the beach, a musical festival, or set it up right in your own backyard. If you’re ready to get started, here’s what you’ll need.

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Slackline Industries Base Line Kit

Slackline Industries’ Base Line is a two-inch-wide static-style webbing that is perfect for beginners. Choose from 50 or 85 feet, and, as a bonus, the line comes with one ratchet (for tightening) and two tree protectors (for environmentalism).

Gibbon Independence Kit

No trees? No problem. This weather-resistant set of a-frame anchors is super portable, so you can set up a slackline anywhere.

Slackline Industries Help Line

For those just learning to mount, balance and walk, a help line can be invaluable in getting over that first learning hump. Slackline Industries’ version comes in 50 and 85 feet to match its Base Line set, and comes with an arm position trainer to help you learn the all-important “hands up” position.

ZenMonkey Slacklines Tree Protectors
ZenMonkey Slacklines
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Tree protectors are a vital and important part of any slackline kit. At 60 inches long and 6 inches wide, these super protective tree huggers protect our leafy friends.

Gibbon Rat Pad

This velcro cover is an underrated way to keep yourself protected from jamming or cutting yourself on your ratchet. It also adds a certain sleekness to your set-up.

Gibbon Slacklines SlackRack Classic

The best solution for slacklining inside, the Slackrack is basically a webbing line with built-in anchor points. And if you find yourself ready for a longer line, it’s compatible with Gibbon’s Slackrack Extension.

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