This Electric Motorcycle Is the Ultimate Adventure Partner

Volcon's Grunt is capable, efficient and easy to ride.

two men standing around a campfire at dusk with two volcon motorycycles
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2022 Volcon Grunt

Spending the summer riding on the open road or your favorite trail is heavenly, but even in a smaller-cc bike, if you go far enough you'll spend a decent amount on gas. Swap your gas-burning bike for a Volcon 2022 Grunt, and you can experience outdoor adventures in a much more efficient and financially palatable way. Made in Austin Texas, the Grunt is high-quality and highly capable; moreover, it's designed to be easy to ride no matter your skill. Plus, with up to 40 MPH capability and a 70+ mile range, you won't have to sacrifice your adventures while going electric.


The Grunt is an innovative, easy-to-operate electric motorcycle that allows anyone to experience the grin-inducing thrill of outdoor adventure – be that getting from points A to B, traversing wild terrain for work, or whatever else you can muster off the beaten path. Plus, the Grunt’s batteries are easily swappable and a spare can be carried inside its frame for a quick doubling of range.


The Grunt is as easy for offroad enthusiasts to ride as it is for those new to two-wheeled adventures. The Grunt has no gears and no clutch, needs no gas and makes no noise; instead, all of that is replaced by pure, uncut joy. Plus, thanks to its low seat height, it's easy for riders of all heights to maneuver – that makes it family-friendly, so be prepared to share the fun.


The Grunt's torquey motor and innovative chassis are built to handle tough terrain and varied conditions with ease. Its oversized tires amplify the suspension’s smooth ride, and the Grunt veritably floats over surfaces like sand, mud and snow.

Build Your Kit

Quality equipment makes any off-road adventure much more enjoyable. Once you've parked the Grunt in your stable, round out your kit before you hit the pavement or trail this summer. Below, we've rounded up our top Grunt-adjacent apparel and gear picks that'll make your next trip a safe and comfortable one.

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2022 Grunt
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