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12 Raglan Tees for Comfortable Summer Wear

Originally from Europe, the raglan t-shirt has since become an icon of classic Americana, defined by its collar-to-cuff sleeves common in old-school sportswear.


The raglan sleeve dates back to the early 1800s, when FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, First Baron Raglan, had his arm cut off during the Battle of Waterloo. To suit his new handicap, Lord Raglan’s tailor fashioned a coat with a single sleeve extending from the cuff to the collar. It was ultra-functional, designed so that he could easily dress himself with one hand. But more importantly, it offered Somerset unrestricted mobility for the arm he did have. When he died in 1855, the name stuck, and so did his sleeve, valued by manufacturers and consumers alike for its utility and comfort.

After the raglan’s arrival stateside, it landed on a baseball jersey, the natural course of action for a sport dependent on players being able to move their arms freely. Though often seen with three-quarter sleeves and a rounded bottom hem (though not defined by these traits), the iconic raglan-sleeve shirt is available in any range of color combinations and sleeve lengths. Its common denominator is the collar-to-cuff sleeves that draw the eyes below the shoulders, giving the wearer a naturally athletic silhouette. Pair one with jeans and a pair of white sneakers for a casual weekend summer getup that works as well on the diamond as it does on the couch.

Mario by ourCaste $64

Jules Baseball Tee by Howlin’ $65

Indigo Supima Raglan Tee by Save Khaki $90

Two-Tone Textured T-Shirt by Levi’s Made & Crafted $100

Long Sleeve Huey Tee by Edwin $105

Raglan Pullover by Apolis $108

Dweller Baseball Tee by nonnative $169

Want the Look for Less?

Options for the Budget-Conscious Buyer

Raglan Baseball T-Shirt by Champion $10

Lightweight Raglan T by American Giant $49

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