Glory Utility 55 Selvage

"The Chicks Will Love You" (end quote)


There’s a lot to love about raw selvage denim and provides a lot of benefits (in our opinion) over other denim, higher construction quality, longer life span, better looking, and most importantly you make them your own. There’s no artificial wear that someone in a factory belt sanded on for you, no stains without memories. Glory Utility’s 55 Selvage jeans are another pair of selvage deserving of consideration to get beat on by you.

They will also make your ass look spectacular….and the chicks will love you.

Constructed in Los Angeles with 12 1/2 ounce Cone Mills denim, they’re a lighter weight jean. We found them easier wearing and breaking in, especially in comparison to our last selvage demo. Fashioned after 1955 Levi Red Line 501’s, they sport a lower rise so you don’t look like you’re wearing old Jordache’s and less tapering to fit over boots (hopefully motorcycle boots). At well under $200 they’re a steal for American made and sourced jeans. More importantly that price doesn’t come from Glory Utility skimping on the small things. All the details denim heads desire are there, hidden rivets on the back pockets, chain stitching, lined back pockets, cuff friendly white selvage, and a the best laundry tag ever.

The Glory 55’s are good jeans for a good price, but frankly Glory’s own statement on their jeans my be the best selling point “They will also make your ass look spectacular….and the chicks will love you.” I don’t think there’s a guy reading who’ll complain about that.

Author’s Note: In our search for Jordache images we stumbled on their new campaign…

Buy Now: $165

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