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Randolph Engineering Factory Tour

An Inside Look at the Iconic American Brand


Almost a year ago, we featured a pair of Randoph Engineering Aviators on Gear Patrol. Since then, they’ve accompanied us everywhere. This past Monday, we were offered to take a tour of Randolph Engineering‘s factory and we jumped at the chance. We came away with even more respect for our some of our favorite shades and their all-American manufacturing operations, not to mention some great pictures.

Located in Randolph, MA, Randolph Engineering manufactures their frames on site – from the Ranger line shooting glasses to the quintessential Aviators. Founded in 1972 by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski, Randolph Engineering originally began as a manufacturer of the machinery used in the production of eyewear. That didn’t last very long, as they quickly began producing frames themselves. As a result of their unique history, Randolph Engineering produces their glasses today right here in the USA on machines built by Randolph Engineering in the USA. Certifiably 110% domestic production? We think so, and if there were a “2x Made In the USA” status, Randolph would be certifiable by our measurement.

Our tour offered a fascinating look at the most ruggedly built sunglasses we’ve tested. Though plenty of machines are used, human hands are intimately involved in the production process at almost every step… all 200 of them. We have to say that the literal hand- on production may not seem the most technically efficient, but the results are a finished product that not only looks superior but feels superior. Apparently, the United States Department of Defense agrees, as the DoD has been providing Randolphs to men and women in uniform since 1982.

Check out our Flickr slideshow (below) for a visual montage of our tour. Make sure to check out their sunglasses once you’re done.

A big thanks to Mary and Richard for hosting us at Randolph Engineering.

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