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5 Affordable Men’s Winter Accessories

When it comes to pulling off great personal style, the devil is in the details. Particularly, when selecting core accessories.


When it comes to pulling off great personal style, the devil is in the details. Particularly, when selecting core accessories.  Recently, when I found myself in a wardrobe rut, I set out to acquire versatile pieces that could diversify my typical outfit of jeans and a shirt, without crushing a paycheck.  Below you’ll find great winter picks that I discovered while scouring the winter sale circuit.

1. Levi’s Merino Wool Cardigan ($68, $50 in store)


Cardigans have made a splashy come back recently as a flexible outer layer fit for all manner of styles.  Whether thrown casually over your favorite graphic tee, or buttoned up over a crisp white dress shirt, this version in navy from Levis looks just as good those sold in Bloomingdale’s at 3x the cost.   If the online price of 68 bones still seems steep, with any luck you can snag it in stores for sale price of $50 flat, like I did.

Cost: $68, $50 in store

2. Rugby Diamond Studded Leather Belt: ($155 $75)


Give your everyday black and brown belts a rest on weekends and make a statement with this.  As a perfect balance between Texas wrangler and Soho hip, its  embedded brass diamonds deliberately draw the detail wary eyes of women to your waist.  I think as men, we can agree that’s a step in the right direction.  Catching them in the act and calling them out is great sport too. Especially since in the ensuing conversation, the high ground stands firmly under your feet.

$155 $75 @ Rugby

3. Fred Perry Argyle Wool Scarf ($80 $48)


Scarves are a winter essential sold at every price point imaginable.  The real trick though is finding one with a rich appearance that belies its true cost.  Snagging an expensive one on sale for 40% off, though, works just as well.  A mix of charcoal grey, black, and blue, this bold pattern partners great with solid colored outer wear, like blazers and pea coats.

$80 $48 @ Nordstrom

4. French Connection Collins Boots ($139 $36, UK)


Trendy sneaks or shiny dress shoes are a match everyone falls back on with jeans.  Skip the herd mentality and make your own mark, instead sporting these on your feet.  With the pound at an historic low against the dollar, personally, I can’t think of a better way capitalize..err outside of currency trading.  The truth is, suede boots don’t get more reasonable than this.

$139 $36 @ French Connection

5. Urban Outfitters Coal Nels Button Up Beanie ($49 $30)


Winter hats are typically an afterthought when putting a look together.  We’ve all got one or two bought with warmth in mind, but that’s where the story ends.  Now’s the perfect time, though, to bulk up your head-heating ranks.  Classically styled without sacrificing function, buttoned up or down this beanie’s got you covered.

Cost: $48 $30 @ Urban Outfitters

Note From the Editor: Those that tell you that style/fashion has to be expensive to be good need look no further than out their ass. Sure, a quality piece to build an ensemble around is always nice, but save your cash and follow your own personal style. Remember, it’s more of how you carry yourself, not the brand you’re wearing.

Know of other wardrobe bargains? Let everyone know below.

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