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The T-Shirt of Summer Has Arrived

Lightly textured with the perfect cut.


“We surveyed the t-shirt market and felt it was filled with fast fashion, disposable items,” says American Giant founder Bayard Winthrop. He felt that there was a disconnect between the prices of premium tees and their actual quality (e.g. how they would wear), so he and his team set their sights on making the best t-shirt on the market. After almost a year of working with his US cotton suppliers, Winthrop developed a high-quality cotton-slub fabric that has not only an appealing texture, but also a flattering drape when you put it on. He was able to eliminate problems often associated with slub-cotton fabric — transparency and twist — and this shirt has a notable heft that will wear well over time.

“Producing something as simple-seeming as a t-shirt is actually really complicated,” says Winthrop. “Your fabric has to be truly unique and of the highest order. It has to fit perfectly. And it has to be constructed with an eye towards eliminating torque and twist, giving interesting visual lines. Getting all those elements to come together in an elegant, simple, tough way takes time and hard work.” After all the developing and testing, Winthrop is excited to share the Premium T — which is now available online for $35 — with customers. As he notes, “We feel we achieved something special with this tee.”

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