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The Best Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

Mirrored frames are back, they’re fashionable, and they’re even practical.


Your first thought at the phrase “mirrored sunglasses” might not be “stylish.” Rather, it’s likely the opposite: “bro-y,” “pilots,” “cops.” And yet, mirrored sunglasses are making inroads into the fashion community. They’re appearing in respectable style roundups, and most recently, they adorned many of the attendees of New York Men’s Fashion Week, from models and designers to style journalists and photographers.

The new breed of mirrored lens — which tend to be flat rather than curved — is both stylish and deeply practical. Just as light clothing reflects sunlight to keep you cool, the metallic coating on mirrored or “flash” lenses bounces sunlight away from your eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this coating “reduce[s] the amount of visible light entering your eyes.” The experts at REI add that mirrored sunglasses reduce glare in bright environments (think: on the water or around snow). That’s why so many sunglasses for sporting — be it fishing, cycling or golfing — are mirrored. If you’re ready to embrace a new arena of sunglasses, read on for five key brands making them not just perfectly acceptable, but truly fashionable.

Flat Lens Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $175

Wynwood by Illesteva $177

Wellesley by Garret Leight $375

Spitfire by Acne Studios $400

Want the Look for Less?

Options for the Budget-Conscious Buyer

Vertigo by Le Specs $69

Flex by Spitfire $100

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