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Perhaps It's Good To Be Biased



In our ongoing efforts to find the perfect custom shirt, Biased Cut threw in its ante and long story short, we’ve come away impressed. Purpose driven (affordable, custom shirt), Biased Cuts Tailor Made Shirts ($95+) purports that a shirt should fit the man, not the other way around. Familiar adage aside, if you’re like any of the Gear Patrol crew then you probably find yourself frustrated at ill-fitting off-the-rack sizing and dime-a-dozen patterns. Thankfully, modern-day production capabilities have made outfitters like Biased Cut possible. Here, reasonable “retail” prices, highly customizable options from cuff to collar, and curated fabrics lend a boutique feel to Biased Cut – a good thing we say. Measurements are offered in either one of three methods: body, shirt, or traditional (no tape measure), and with a fit that’s neither too formal or casual I’ve been left thinking that there’s a sartorial playfulness. If that doesn’t entirely make sense then maybe you should just order one up and see for yourself. I did.

Buy Now: $95+

Biased Cut is offering Gear Patrol readers 15% off any order + $20 credit to first time customers. Use code: GearPatrol15 at checkout. Expires 9/15.

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