Schott Fitted Cafe Racer 660

Racer Redux


It took a bit longer than usual this year for a mass of chill autumn air to displace the sweltering summer here in the East. Suddenly, we find ourselves amidst days and nights that call for stylish protection from the newly-arrived biting winds and cooler temperatures. On the upshot, we’re well acquainted with the folks at Schott who just so happen to know a few things about that; they’ve been fabricating stylish outerwear from NYC for nearly a hundred years.

Last Autumn, Gear Patrol test drove Schott’s Classic Racer jacket, and this year we’re back with a take on the updated model. New for this 2010 in the Schott leather lineup is a longer, fitted racer – the 660. Featuring the same bulletproof quality and attention to detail that are hallmarks of Schott’s entire line of motorcycle jackets, the 660 offers some welcome nuances not always found in its older brothers.


Most notably, the 660’s lightweight cowhide construction offers a supple feel right off the rack, cutting down dramatically the otherwise considerable break-in period. Beyond that, its 28″ length offers a better stand-up fit, enhancing the jacket’s casual feel; add in cotton flannel lining and the 660 toes the line between classic and contemporary with great aplomb. Pair with your favorite jeans and the right pair of boots, and the Schott 660 becomes the coup de grace to your own personal Brando or Dean look. Just don’t let too much outlaw bravado creep in; your buddies won’t be willing to blame the jacket if they have to make your bail.

Buy Now: $480

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