How to Look Better in a Suit

Simple steps to looking sharp.

Chase Pellerin

Looking sharp in a suit is part of being professional. Proper fit, along with seasonably appropriate fabric and tasteful accessories, is as important as a firm handshake and a sincere mannerism. Fortunately, the ways to upgrade your suiting game are simple and easy to implement, so there’s no reason to waste time improving your professional wardrobe.

A Guide to Tailoring

Acclaimed New York tailor Jake Mueser shares what you should know before getting your next suit tailored.

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Your Go-To Tie Knot

Don’t read anything else. With the Four-in-Hand, you’re set for every occasion that needs a neck tie.

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Weather Appropriate Fabrics

In the colder months, you suit should stand up to the weather. These are the best options constructed from winter-weight fabrics.

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An Element of Customization

Indochino offers made-to-measure suiting with the promise of stress-free shopping and wallet-friendly prices. I went to find out firsthand.

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