3 Ways to Wear a Beanie

Know how to style your knit headwear.

Chase Pellerin

An understated knit hat is one of the most important accessories in your cold-weather wardrobe. It’s stylish, and at times a statement — but it also protects you from heat loss, as you lose 7 percent to 10 of body heat through the head. Try wearing it a few different ways — with a single roll, with a double roll, or relaxed and slouchy — and see what approach best matches your own taste.

The Single Roll


The classic way to style a beanie, good for both chunkier and lightweight knits

Step One. Roll the brim once, making a cuff of 1–2 inches.

Step Two. Pull the beanie tight against your head, with the cuff centered in the middle of your forehead, slightly covering the tops of your ears.

Step Three. (Optional) If the beanie is longer, do not pull the beanie tight against your head. Rather, center the cuff if the middle of your forehead and let the excess knit material stand vertically from your head.

The Double Roll


A classic, minimalist workwear style

Step One. Double cuff a standard beanie, rolling the brim twice to create a 1-inch cuff. Or, single roll an already cuffed beanie.

Step Two. Pull the beanie tight against your head. The cuff should sit above the ears.

Relaxed and Slouchy


A laid-back approach to knit headwear, far more casual than the rolled alternatives

Step One. Do not cuff the beanie. Wear it farther up your forehead, and let the edges cover at least half of your ears.

Step Two. Let the excess knitted material fold over on itself, falling from the back of your head towards your shoulders.

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