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A Fully Stocked Weekender Bag for Under $1,000

The wise man’s bag.

Henry Phillips

Budgeting. It’s not a word that graces the tongue of most fashionable men. But for the rest of us, it’s something we keep in mind — front of mind. So when you’re considering the perfect weekender bag, it’s wise to consider the perfect affordable weekender bag. As much as Brunello Cucinelli leather calls to our souls, a nice canvas number also does the trick. This is the practical man’s weekender, fully stocked for a quick weekend away, all for under a grand. That’s, what, just 40 martinis at the Rose Bar? You can make it.

Karson Opgrade Convertible Canvas Duffle Bag by Eastpak


This black canvas duffle demurely does the trick. It has a large center cavity and a lined side compartment for shoes. It also, conveniently enough, can convert into a backpack with the hidden shoulder straps. Now show me an Italian leather duffle that can do that.

Buy Now: $125



Slim-Fit Cotton-Blend Tech Fleece Sweatpants by Nike $100
Williams Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt by Club Monaco $35
Mélange Wool-Blend Socks by NNO7 $25



Mélange Brushed Wool-Blend Shirt Jacket by Club Monaco $180
Slim-Fit Button-Down Collar Gingham Cotton Shirt by J.Crew $60
Sullivan Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans by Polo Ralph Lauren $125
The Royale Leather High-Top Sneakers by GREATS $190

Total Cost: $865

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