Dolbeau Neckwear

Made by hand, worn by neck


We’ve all been drawn in by the department store display tables, teeming with overlapping ties that look as if they just finished battling an arsenal of color grenades. That doesn’t make it right when you succumb to the life-size kaleidoscope though. What a guy wears around his neck says a lot about him. Wearing a mass-produced tie sewn by a robot says “I live in my parent’s basement.” Wearing a handcrafted tie custom-made to your preferences and taste says “I just wrestled a bear… twice.” That’s where the talented tailors at Dolbeau come in. Whether you’re looking for a short casual tie with a standard tip, or a longer more upscale tie with a jagged tip, all you need to do is pick your look and style and leave the rest to them. They make each tie with fabric handpicked from high quality imported materials, and assembled using time-tested stitching techniques. Unfortunately, it’s still up to you to decide which color shirt to wear your new tie with.

Buy Now: $89

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