Stylish Summer Outfits That Cost Less Than $100

Summer's greatest fits for less

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Keeping it cool in the summer months can be a challenge. Making sure you're bringing the heat without overheating is a delicate balance, even more so if you're trying to keep it to a strict budget. But with the wide range of deals online at any given moment, it's a challenge you can conquer. To get you there, we put together three stylish outfits to keep you from melting, all under a single Benjamin.

Slightly Prep

The first summer fit you're thinking about probably involves shorts. Dockers are ubiquitous in this regard and are often on sale — the brand's khaki-colored Perfect Shorts are a great base to build a warm-weather getup. It's hard to get a look wrong with a pair of white sneakers, especially if it's the Superga Cotu Classics, which are on a significant discount right now. And to top it all off, a striped shirt Uniqlo gives it some pattern without getting too close to looking like you came out of a prep school.

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Keep It Simple

When in sartorial doubt, throw on a plane white t-shirt. Hanes is a good option with a classic fit and small price tag. If you're not really a shorts kinda person, a pair of lightweight linen chinos can keep you cool. For this, you'd be hard-pressed to find a pair better than Gap's Linen Khakis. The linen fabric in combination with the looser straight fit allows for max breathability. And while you're keeping it simple, toss on a pair of lightweight, waterproof Birkenstock sandals to give your toes some air.

[product contentProductId='e8c802f7-2836-492a-948b-6924aa9a55e4' mediaId='c5198b42-d1ad-4d5b-99b4-918225ba84a8' align='center' size='large'][/product]

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The White Pants Fit

White pants can be hard to pull off (unless you follow this handy guide). You might have to be a bit careful about where you take a seat or how much ketchup to put on your burger, but it can keep your legs cool. A pair of Dickies Painter Pants is a classic and costs just under twenty bucks. It pairs well with anything, but looks especially slick with a light olive polo like this one from J.Crew. For the feet, we love a pair of Converse 70s. Luckily, they can be had on sale if you know where to look.

[product contentProductId='f13a2bd8-84d0-4037-b562-6969548fee29' mediaId='90ec978d-6828-47a4-b031-bcecc79c3a01' align='center' size='large'][/product][product contentProductId='bf66dc01-00fd-4027-adf9-52317895e1ff' mediaId='dd7a95f9-c04a-4674-8c6b-eca9a21bd723' align='center' size='large'][/product][product contentProductId='fab87f44-744f-4fac-bf2a-5ecdfecbc140' mediaId='a71a6215-3938-4842-9086-5eb45ee9a536' align='center' size='large'][/product]


Oh, you wanna mix things up, you say? While we're down with a pair of classic Patagonia Baggies, there are cheaper alternatives on the market like Uniqlo's Active Swim shorts. They come in a range of colors, without the cheesy prints that you'd find on the original. A chambray shirt on top blends workwear with swim (something the Beach Boys did). And for something out of left-field, a pair of Realtree Camo Crocs (something the Beach Boys did not do).

[product contentProductId='d2255cb4-58ff-4888-b630-a6d05cd51a1d' mediaId='af1e4fea-dc79-487a-9c0d-84efd5702344' align='center' size='large'][/product][product contentProductId='da6650d3-8222-4498-add0-ca0e0ed9628f' mediaId='b0292f1d-5c0a-42e3-82a3-4a14980c7f2b' align='center' size='large'][/product][product contentProductId='5c1a8ab5-280b-45e2-9e5f-4ddd18a735c3' mediaId='7b3d14a4-417d-414f-8556-c0825c43a21d' align='center' size='large'][/product]
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