A Weekender Bag That’s Ready for Adventure

A 1,000-denier Cordura bag and all the gear to pack inside.


Part One: There’s no excuse for gear that fails. It either works, or it doesn’t work; when it doesn’t work, it is a failure. Part Two: failure will happen — no doubt. So what you’re really investing in when purchasing gear is the peace of mind that what you’re using has the lowest chance of failure. It’s the best of what’s available — the last to finally tip-toe across the failure line. The wild isn’t a place of rosy optimism, and a true adventurer stares reality in the face — especially while packing. Best Made Co.’s gear is made to dodge failure throughout years of use, and this pack of goods is ready to be manhandled wherever you want to take it.

SWS 50L Roll Top Duffle

No performance fabric is as proven as 1,000-denier Cordura. The 50th anniversary of its invention is this year, and it’s still the preeminent fabric for making endlessly durable, water-resistant bags. Best Made Co. manufactured its new line of SWS (“Synthetics With Soul“) bags with the fabric and bolstered the construction with a polyurethane-coated lining (for additional water resistance), reinforced metal hardware and taped zippers. The bag comes in 50- and 100-liter size options, and the same Cordura fabric can also be found on BMC’s super-hearty SWS EDC Cases (below). 1,000-denier Cordura is not a fabric you need to be precious with, and these bags and cases are meant to let you focus on the adventure — knowing that your pack will not fail.

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SWS Field Case $88
SWS Passport Case $68
SWS Pocket Case $48
Brass Higo Knife (Large) $88
Hardcover Pocket Notebook $16
Famous Red Notebook $18
Embassy Tactical Pen $98
Seamless & Steadfast 20 oz. Enamel Mugs $38


Quilted Indigo Overshirt $268
Hanwag Stuiben Boots $300
Canvas Field Pant $148
Chambray Shirt $118
Light Waxed Cruiser $348
Elkskin Ropers Gloves $98

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