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Pants are a foundational part of anyone's wardrobe. Sure, jeans are great — as are chinos, corduroys and sweats. They each have their moment and time to shine. But if ever there was a category-bending, jack-of-all-trades in the world of pants, it would be lululemon's Bowline Pant 30" Utilitech Pant. We use this term too often, but they truly are the goldilocks of pants — a perfect middle ground of comfort and durability. If that's not enough to convince you that you need more than one pair in your wardrobe, read on below.

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Comfort Meets Durability: When it comes to comfort, there is no doubt that four-way stretch reigns supreme. But many four-way stretch pants lack in the durability department. But that's certainly not the case here. The Bowline Pant Utilitech 30" balances stretch and abrasion-resistance for the perfect middle ground.


All-New Utilitech Material: The Bowline Pant Utilitech 30" makes use of a brand new material from lululemon called Utilitech. It was developed specifically to be abrasion-resistant, keep the comfort of four-way stretch and still feel natural to the touch. That last part is key, because many four-way stretch materials can feel overly synthetic — but the Bowline Pant Utilitech 30" bucks the trend.


Streamlined Fit: In terms of cut and fit, the Bowline Pant Utilitech 30" makes use of lululemon's ABC tech, which allows for a broad range of motion and plenty of room to breath. It also features a streamlined fit, which works for a varied set of body sizes. If you're looking for a go-to pant to refresh your wardrobe this fall, look no further.

Buy Now: $128

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