3 Hotels to Inspire an Escape to Gotham

You owe it to yourself to come visit the greatest city in the United States.

Matthew Ankeny

The greatest city in the United States is New York City. So if you like the noise, mess, weather, crowdedness and hustle or you can’t stand the people, taxis, congestion, subways, freezing winters and sweltering summers, you owe it to your own cultural knowledge base to visit. And if you live here, you can always invest more deeply in your city knowledge. When you come, retain some of your sanity by staying at one of these bastions of quiet comfort. Trust a New Yorker, after a day exploring the city — you’ll be thankful for the peace.

The 1 Hotel Will Spice Up Your Sex Life, Guaranteed

Luxurious, sexy and sustainable — with views to kill for. Not bad at all.

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The Luxury You’ve Been Missing, at The Chatwal

The good life, straight from the 1930s.

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The Ludlow Hotel Is a Lesson on Doing More with Less

A night at the Ludlow Hotel in the Lower East Side proves that small things count in big ways.

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