This Best Overall Chore Coat Is Now on Sale. Save 30% Today

Out of the many options to choose from, Portuguese Flannel's Labura Coat is the one to get.

Portuguese Flannel Labura Chore Coat, $165 $115

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Like most classics, the chore coat was born from utility. In a venn diagram, it's the overlap between minimalist and function. That's why the chore coat has been around for over a century. And even at its old age, it doesn't look passé.

We've rapped at length about the immaculate design of the chore coat. We've even culled together the best of the best. It's the framework for other classic outerwear, which is part of the reason there are so many options on the market. But if you just want to get straight to the one you should get, let it be Portuguese Flannel's Labura Chore Coat.


No Frills Except the Ones You Actually Need

Portuguese Flannel sticks to the playbook. The Labura's got a point collar, three patch pockets, plus an interior pocket. It doesn't mess with a slim silhouette, either, and it's long enough to cover your ass.

Better Ingredients, Better Chore Coat

Speaking of covering your ass, it's built in Portugal in a multi-generational factory from solid materials. You'll find beautiful corozo buttons and a super soft brushed flannel (the brand's specialty, if you couldn't tell from its name). Sure, the original French chore coats were made of burly moleskin, but this midweight flannel is better-suited for year-round wear.

The Spice of Life, Variety

That said, it's not limited to flannel. The coat comes in a variety of different fabrics from plush corduroy to hardy denim to lightweight ripstop to warm tweed and, yes, moleskin if you want.

Good Value

We wouldn't say the Labura Coat is cheap. But it's also not expensive. At around a Benjamin and a half, it's a step-up from most mass-produced options without leaping into the top-tier price bracket. It's the sweet spot between solid investment and diminishing returns.

Normally $165, the corduroy version of the Labura Coat is now 30 percent off and costs just $115 while supplies last.

East Dane

Labura Corduroy Chore Jacket

Portuguese Flannel
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