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This Chelsea Boot Is an Incredible Value

Full stop, the Rhodes Huxley Boot is the chelsea boot to get.

rhodes footwear huxley boot

Rhodes Huxley Boot, $220

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The Chelsea boot is one of the most popular boots out there. First commissioned by Queen Victoria in the 1830s, the boots feature an elastic side gore in place of traditional laces. This made them easy to pull on and off, saving time (and undoubtedly countless face plants). Eventually, equestrians caught on to the boot before the very hip set of rock-and-rollers took them on stage and cemented the boot as a style classic.

No wonder there are so many options on the market. If you're looking for the right pair of Chelsea boots, the pair you should get is the Rhodes Huxley Boot. Here's why.


Visual Appeal

Firstly, it's a handsome boot. Where some Chelsea boots are bulbous, the Huxley is sculpted down. Where others are pointy, this is softened. The silhouette is classically sleek without being too fashion-y and rugged enough while straying from a strictly work boot status. While the smooth leathers look great, we like the roughout leathers for their texture and patina.

Made for Walking (And a Lot of It)

The Huxley Boot is built to last. It's made in a generations-old shoe factory in Portugal and uses a wide range of premium European calf leathers. Unlike other shoes which use a cemented construction, the Huxley's welted Blake stitch construction allows them to be resoled several times over before they finally kick the bucket.

That Blake stitch construction makes it more flexible than Goodyear welted construction, too. The extra flexibility means it's a more comfortable ride which is only made even more comfortable thanks to the shock-absorbing Texon insole. And as if the elastic side gores didn't make them easy enough to don, the dual pull tabs give you an extra hand.

Stretching Your Dollar

As with any Just Get This pick, Rhodes' Huxley Boot is a major value. That doesn't mean it's the cheapest boot — it's still $220. But it's also about half the price of a pair of R.M. Williams. If you were already thinking about a Chelsea boot in the price bracket just below, consider skipping dinner out once or twice because it's worth the investment.


Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boot

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