The CDC Now Says Face Masks Protect Both You and Others. Here's What We Know

Why face masks work, how to use them and where to get them — all the essential info.

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Face masks save lives: they provide both personal protection and can protect others if you are infected. Time and again, they've been proven to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus as well as other diseases and are, whether we like it or not, an essential. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends them as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). As essential as this new accessory is, there's a lot to know about face masks. How do they work? Why should you wear one? Where can you buy one? Which ones are easier to breathe in? We've compiled all the need-to-know info on face masks for you right here.

The CDC updates its guidelines and recommendations on masks regularly. To read the latest guidelines, click here.

The Best Lightweight and Breathable Face Masks

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Just looking to buy some right now? Check out these picks.


What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Face Mask

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Face masks do require maintenance. Here's the skinny on how to keep your face mask clean.


Can Neck Gaiters Really Be Just as Effective as Masks?


There's been some conflicting claims about whether or not neck gaiters are a good idea. The short answer is that neck gaiters are fine. The long answer is here.


One Face Covering to Avoid, According to Science

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Not all face masks are created equal. While cloth face masks are helpful, this type of face covering is less effective.


The Best Face Masks for Running and Biking

Steve Mazzucchi

What about face masks for working up a sweat? Here are the best ones we've tried.


Cloth Face Masks That Actually Look Good

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Face masks can also be... actually kinda cool. Case in point, this list of stylish face masks.


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