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Fashion is confusing.


Every single day, our style team filters through millions upon millions of style articles, clothing pieces, collection launches, brand parties, blogger fads, runway shows, fashion shoots, lookbooks and many, many more stimuli to stay on top of what’s hot in men’s fashion. In spite of all that noise, we’ll keep things simple here: just four things we’re into right now, updated each week.

The H.W. Dog & Co. Foldable Hat


Tucked away on a quiet back street in Harajuku, Tokyo, The H.W. Dog & Co.’s shop is stocked with some of the coolest hats in the neighborhood. The style skews towards vintage Americana, and pieces range from baseball caps made from vintage fabrics to wide-brimmed felt hats. This foldable hat is a strong option for those looking for a good all-around hat; it riffs on a classic silhouette and looks good with a variety of face shapes.

Buy Now: $196

Kapital Indigo Patch Katmandu Shirt


This eclectic shirt from Kapital is guaranteed to set you apart from friends and coworkers who only occasionally dabble in linen. Its patchwork design is made from a mixture of indigo dyed cotton and linen fabric. And, it features mismatched buttons and a pocket placed slightly askew. If you pride yourself on individuality, try out this shirt.

Buy Now: $400

RRL Crew Neck Jersey Tee


Nothing beats a plain white tee, and RRL’s version is as good as it gets. It’s just as at home at with a pair of Carhartts as it is under a blue blazer for a summer night on the town.

Buy Now: $65

Nackymade Mavis Sunglasses


Nackymade’s Mavis Sunglasses are the 21st-century update of McQueen-style aviators. They have all the verve of Persol’s classic 649 model (which they’re inspired by) but come in a beautiful taupe and black tortoiseshell, proving wrong the traditionalists who claim black and brown can’t go together. The silver hinges complement the two-tone colorway, and the precise details just might prove that these days, Japanese designers can do Italian style as well as — or better than — Italians ones.

Buy Now: $495

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