Backcountry Gives Back to Loyal Shoppers with Expedition Perks

The more you invest in your gear, the better the Backcountry Expedition Perks get.

three people hiking on rocky terrain

Take it from us, the search for the best in gear is never really over. It's exactly why we continuously shop at places like Backcountry — a spot that carries everything from everyday rain gear to all the pieces needed for a fully-stocked mountain climbing kit. As a way of thanking shoppers who consistently gear up with Backcountry, the shop has introduced Expedition Perks. Expedition Perks, at its core, is a three-tiered reward system. The more shoppers spend at Backcountry during the year, the more the benefits increase; like hiking a metaphorical mountain trail, the tiers start at "Trailhead", ascend to "Switchback" and cap out at the "Summit" tier. Perks include everything from free shipping and earning points toward future purchases, to personalized service from Backcountry's signature team of dedicated Gearheads. As we stock up on must-haves and seasonal outdoor staples throughout the year, this is one reward system that's worth considering — especially if you're copping from Backcountry on a regular basis.


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