Thursday Boot Co. Expands Into Outerwear With Limited New Leather Jacket Lineup

Embodying "Honest Quality and Honest Prices," the fan-favorite boot maker adds three new leather jackets to its offering.

thursday boot clothing hung on rack
Thursday Boot Co.

You're already familiar with Thursday Boot Co. thanks to its top-tier boots, created under the label's philosophy of "Honest Quality and Honest Prices." Now, the brand leverages its legacy in leather goods to craft three all-new leather jackets. First up is the Racer Jacket, a streamlined zip jacket with clear motoring inspirations. Speaking of moto-inspirations, Thursday Boot Co. also created its own take on the Motorcycle Jacket: A six-pocket classic silhouette that's as stylish as it is timeless. The lineup is rounded out by the Keanu Jacket, an option that incorporates matte leather for a unique spin on the traditional point collar jacket. Regardless of which option you're interested in, keep in mind that each piece is produced in small batches; we recommend pulling the trigger sooner than later if you're planning on picking one of these up before they sell out. That said, adding your name to the waitlist is the best bet if your favorite silhouette isn't available; Thursday Boot Co. is notifying waitlisted customers as soon as out-of-stock jackets return to the store. Simply put, if you're looking for a great leather jacket to pair with an equally incredible pair of boots during this fall and winter — Thursday Boot Co. is the obvious choice.

Price: $349+


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