This Jacket Is Designed to Handle Every Climate on Earth

The Planet Earth Jacket from Volleback was inspired by the original field jacket from WWII.

man wearing vollebak jacket

The first field jacket was designed during World War II as part of the standard-issue combat uniform. Today, it is more commonly recognized as a jacket that can be worn anywhere — from a freezing tundra to a humid jungle. Vollebak was inspired to create a jacket of its own that could work anywhere on the planet. The result? The Planet Earth Jacket. Coated with a combination of beeswax and paraffin wax, the jacket has a perfect balance of softness and weather resistance. The more you wear it, the more it takes the shape of your body, so no two Planet Earth Jackets will ever be exactly the same. It's lined with an ultra-tough Cordura, which means it’s highly durable and abrasion-resistant, but smooth to the touch and feels soft next to your skin. With nine pockets, this jacket will handle all of your EDC essentials in addition to the weather.

Price: $795


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