This NYC Store Opening Features Products That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Standard & Strange's new store at 238 Mulberry is one you won't want to miss.

standard and strange clothing shop
Standard & Strange

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Standard & Strange NYC Store Opening

Standard & Strange started as two guys selling denim in a back alley in Oakland. Today, the brand has three brick-and-mortar stores — including a new one at 238 Mulberry having its grand opening now in NYC — and an online presence. As for what it sells (and manufactures), the brand has three simple rules: it must be something its founders would wear, it must be built to last (both in style and construction) and it must be made as ethically as possible.

Which is what makes Standard & Strange a favorite of so many. People love the curation of jackets, tees, denim, shoes, caps, belts and even skull paperweights. Here are a few other reasons you’ll find us at the grand opening at 238 Mulberry this week.

standard strange store nyc
Standard and Strange
standard strange nyc japanese denim
Standard and Strange

Limited denim only available in-store.

Standard & Strange has Ooe Yofukuten denim in limited quantities during its grand opening. The OA01xx jeans are being made specifically for the NYC store, and are branded for S&S NYC even down to the down to the rivets. This is the last batch being made with the exclusive OA XX3 denim — a denim made to emulate the best of yesteryear's jeans.

Exclusive Loopwheel tees.

Standard & Strange's Loopwheel tees are made from a super long-staple 100 percent cotton knit, with an extremely soft, cool hand. The long-staple cotton helps prevent twisting in the body over time. It weighs in between 7.5 and 8 ounces, a great medium-heavyweight for a knit tee, with a heavy knit collar that's really built to last. To really nail down the product, Standard & Strange took a side trip to Wakayama to deeply understand the magic of this extremely rare fabric.

A good cause.

Standard & Strange donates two percent of all revenue (not profits) to causes the brand believes in. So far in 2021, it's allocated over $64,000 for causes like Asian Health Services, COVID relief in India, the Oakland Undocumented Relief Fund and more. Look good in good clothes, feel good about the purchase. What’s not to love?


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