On's Active Pant is Ready for Cooldowns, Rest Days (and Anything Else on the Agenda)

With a minimalist style that looks almost like a trouser, On's techy trouser is designed with comfort in mind.

on running active pants

It's hard not to love clothing that can fit more than one occasion, pulling double (or triple) duty as it transitions from home office, to gym to a meetup with friends. On's Active Pant embodies this philosophy, designed to prioritize comfort while looking contemporary and — frankly — classically stylish. As expected from a label like On, these hit the marks when it comes to sport-centered details, including adjustable hemlines at the ankle, a drawstring waist (for easy on-and-off) and a techy Polyamide exterior that delivers light insulation, soft hand feel and a UV protective fabric that also dries quickly when wet. Even with all the details taken care of, On has emphasized that these pants are, first-and-foremost, centered on sheer comfort. With a modern, easy design, that's obvious the moment you slip them on. Being able to rock a single pair of pants as you go through every part of your day — what's cozier than that?

Price: $150


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