Vuarnet's Glacier Collection Blends Mountain-Ready Utility with Classic Style

Iconic styles like the Glacier 2110 frame are designed to not just protect eyes from intense sunlight, but look incredible on or off the slopes.

man wearing vuarnet sunglasses

Vuarnet has symbolized cutting edge eyewear design since the mid-20th century, back when optician and ski enthusiast Roger Pouilloux developed the revolutionary Skilynx lens. Continuing on that legacy, Vuarnet's new Glacier collection is the culmination of three years of R&D, blending on-slope performance with style that still fits on the sidewalk. The Glacier 2110 embodies this blend of form and function, easily identifiable thanks to its eye-catching round lens shape. In fact, with Vuarnet, it begins with its high quality, made-in-France mineral glass lenses (which is in stark contrast to the plastic commonly used by other labels) For peak sunlight protection, the Glacier 2110 frames include removable side shields and nose bridge and feature Vuarnet's signature lens technology. Ranging from the classic Skilynx (designed distinctly for mountain conditions) to Blue Polarlynx (for life on or around the water) and Grey Polar (designed for exceptional anti-glare) treatments, the Glacier 2110 isn't just a great looking pair of functional frames, it really does boast some of the best lenses in the business. There's a reason that Vuarnet has been the eyewear of choice for actors, musicians, athletes and adventurers for over 60 years, and it's crystal clear that — once you get your hands on a pair of Vuarnet's iconic Glacier sunglasses — it's easy to see why.

Price: $640


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