We are all guilty of holding onto our old ratty T-shirts or jeans with a hole for much longer than we should. A recent study by Stitch Fix found that 2 out of 5 men say parting with a worn-out wardrobe is harder than ending a relationship. So, instead of sitting at home in a pool of your tears, make it easy on yourself by using Stitch Fix.

The online personal styling service partnered with Keegan-Michael Key to help him tackle his wardrobe (and yours). “I’ll admit, I’m guilty of hanging onto clothes for too long and at times need a nudge to keep me from falling into a style rut. For the 40 percent of guys who say tossing their overworn clothing is worse than a break-up, Stitch Fix is the wardrobe wingman ready to arm you with personalized style recommendations and provide a time-saving solution for that wardrobe refresh.”

With Stitch Fix, gone are the days of lengthy mall trips or hours scrolling to find what might look good. “It helps streamline the shopping experience by showing you items that match your style and size and delivering them right to your door!” said Keys. “It helped inspire me to get rid of old clothes and replace them with staple pieces to refresh my wardrobe.”

Stitch Fix

Closet Hacks from Keegan-Michael Key

From ditching old jerseys to the importance of finding versatile pieces, the actor shares a few ways Stitch Fix helped him hone his wardrobe.

Style over Sentiment

As a lifelong sports fan, I’ve acquired my fair share of Detroit Lions and Penn State jerseys and can relate to the 35 percent of men who hold onto their clothes for sentimental reasons. Stitch Fix helped me break up with my old jerseys (or at least designate them to a gameday-only drawer) by recommending stylish alternatives.

Seasonal Staples

I’m in favor of classic pieces with a modern edge. As it gets warmer, I suggest must-have items that are stylishly comfortable and provide a level of convenient versatility. This season, replace your too-old tees with a crisp Polo Ralph Lauren, swap those worn-out trainers for an updated fresh Nike sneaker, and ditch the shorts you’ve had since college for a pair with a clean-cut in an elevated color.

Phone A Friend

Stitch Fix found that almost 40 percent of guys still ask their partner for style advice. Let’s give your partner a break. Instead, let Stitch Fix be your go-to in times of style crisis. You can turn to Stitch Fix’s experts for hand-picked looks in your very own Fix or discover personalized recommendations through its Freestyle shopping experience — either way, Stitch Fix totally helps take the stress out of refreshing your wardrobe.

Key’s Picks

So, you've conquered the most difficult task of cleaning out your closet, what's next? Here are Key's picks from Stitch Fix Freestyle to freshen up your wardrobe this season. Whether you plan to spend the summer grilling with friends or hanging at the beach, make sure you look good while you are doing it.

Summer BBQ

Vacation Vibes

Get Outside