A Lightweight Leather Boot at the Intersection of Comfort and Style

Grant Stone's Diesel Boot is made to last – and look good doing it.

grant stone jungle boots
Grant Stone

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A classic pair of quality leather boots never goes out of style, and the Diesel Boot Jungle Kangaroo from Grant Stone absolutely fits the made-to-last bill. The brand builds Goodyear-welt footwear using premium leather components in an array of styles. The Diesel Boot is comfortable and durable and will go with just about everything in your closet.

grant stone jungle boot
Grant Stone

The Backstory

Premium Leather

Kangaroo leather is known for being lightweight while retaining incredible strength, so these boots will last without weighing you down. The leather is exceptionally elastic with a soft hand that offers a forgiving feel and minimal break-in. (So you can skip the blisters phase.)

The Gist

Comfortable and Durable

Thanks to a full-grain leather kip lining and micro-stud rubber sole, these boots are as cushioned and comfortable as they are handsome. And those looks will endure: the vegetable-tanned leather won't easily fade, so with minimal maintenance the Diesel Boot will look as good as new season after season.


Perfect Every Day Boot

Sitting smack dab at the intersection of durability and comfort, these boots stand out from the competition; the good looks put them over the top. A stylish boot that is able to handle wear and tear and keep you comfortable? Yeah, consider us very interested. Whether you are headed out to dinner, the office, or just running errands around the city these boots will get you there in style and comfort for years to come.

Price: $370


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