Asking someone to marry you is stressful enough–choosing a ring should be the easy part. Don't you agree? Regardless, from cut to color to carat, there is a lot to figure out when making this decision because not only is it a deeply personal one, but it's also often quite an expensive one. Brilliant Earth is a consumer-conscious brand that is aiming to transform the jewelry industry. From engagement rings to wedding rings and beyond, Brilliant Earth is your go-to resource for choosing and purchasing the perfect ring. Featuring ethically sourced diamonds and a website that intuitively and helpfully guides shoppers every step of the way, Brilliant Earth helps make this major milestone more approachable. For some tips on how to get started, read on.

woman leaning into man wearing engagement ring from brilliant earth
Brilliant Earth

For anyone needing inspiration on what kind of ring to buy, Brilliant Earth makes it easy to peruse its most popular engagement rings. Those top 20 engagement rings–including designs called Demi, Aria, Waverly and more–are ranked in order of popularity, providing helpful insight for you and your partner. Regardless of your choice, each design features customizable carat size, diamond shape and metal type so you can truly make each ring your own. Plus, Brilliant Earth has a very helpful ring size chart and will send you a free ring sizer so you can ensure a perfect fit.

If you desire to create something more custom, check out Brilliant Earth's Truly Brilliant collection, a curated collection of natural diamonds with balanced cut, color, and clarity in a variety of carat weights. Each natural diamond in the collection is selected for its beauty and verified sustainable sourcing and includes blockchain-powered "mine to market" traceability for premium transparency and proof that each diamond is ethically sourced. From there, you can narrow your choices by shape, carat and price.

brilliant earth engagement bands
Brilliant Earth

Once you settle on an engagement ring, it's time to consider wedding bands–and you're already in the right place. Brilliant Earth's wedding bands for women and men are available in a wide assortment of styles. Moreover, the company also sells anniversary bands, so you can mark your special day for years to come.