Ciele Athletic's Not So Basic Collection is Built For The Run and Beyond

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Ciele Athletics has launched a new range of performance tee shirts and tank tops. The NSB, or ‘Not So Basic Collection’ includes a wide range of colorful T-shirts and tanks made with an engineered knit of up to 60 percent recycled cotton and 40 percent recycled polyester.

The team turned to recycled cotton to keep each piece as breathable as possible. Cotton is naturally cool and breathable, so it’s a good place to start for comfort. The use of recycled polyester allowed Ciele to equip each piece with peak moisture-wicking properties. Together, the two yarns offer runners a fabric that’s designed to help you push your every day run to the limit. Added details like no chafe flatlock construction, water based prints, reflectivity and an anti-odor finish elevate the NSB Collection to premium status.

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The Backstory

Ciele: A Brand Built on Moving People to Movement

Ciele’s founders launched the brand in 2014 with a focus on technical headwear for runners. It was always a plan to grow the line past headwear and develop clothing when the timing was right. Ciele’s design team spent decades creating and optimizing athletic wear for other popular brands and saw it as a natural progression to take their know-how and apply it to run-specific clothing.

Since 2020, the Ciele Athletics NSB Collection has filled a niche. A run-ready tee built with a blend of Global Recycled Standard certified cotton and polyester. A tee you actually want to wear every single day.

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The Gist

How Does Ciele’s Recycled Blend Power the Not So Basic Collection?

In harnessing these two yarns – recycled cotton and polyester – Ciele has created a more sustainable, performance-ready material. Combining the breathability of cotton with the quick-drying properties of recycled polyester has allowed the brand to finetune an impressive list of tank tops and tee shirts.

Meanwhile, the products’ designs reinforce the collection’s name, “Not So Basic.” Striped tees ensure easy, all-day wear, while graphics and comfortable flared cuts ensure these tees and tanks will be the first shirts you reach for in the morning.

To test the collection, Ciele tapped athletes prepared to run and train in a wide range of conditions and climes. Others wore the pieces during a full day at the office and for their run home or to a post-run to meet up with friends. Across the board, the collection kept everyone comfortable, performing and feeling great.


Ciele’s Not So Basic Collection Offers Quick-Drying, Run-Ready T-Shirts and Tanks

In addition to everything we already love about these eco-friendly running shirts, Ciele went above and beyond to pack a few extra details into each piece. For example, pieces are stamped with reflective details to ensure added safety on the road. Meanwhile, items with graphics were printed with a water-based, performance-driven material to ensure breathability across the entire garment. As a result, no piece ever becomes sticky, and comfortable, all-day wear is a given.

The shirts also enjoy an all-natural antimicrobial finish and weigh in on average at just six ounces. However, more than anything, what really sets this lightweight collection apart is that it was built to impress one core audience: those who run.

Price: $60 - $70


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