Like Options? How About 7 Trillion?


Based on the feedback we received from our review of Proper Cloth, an online custom shirt purveyor, we decided to see what other options were out there for custom men’s dress shirts. No need to thank us, we love doing research. What we found was a brand new company that has taken customization a step (or 7 trillion, according to them) further. ShirtsMyWay not only allows you to enter custom measurements, they let you completely style your dress shirt. And we mean completely. Check out the ShirtsMyWay video demonstration.

We haven’t had a chance to order a shirt ourselves, but we always approve of designing your own clothing. It’s part of what makes a man his own man. If you order a shirt or have a ShirtsMyWay experience, please leave us a comment and let us know how it went.

Cost: $59-$69


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