These Shirts Have Ties to the Earliest Form of Computer Programming

Cut from custom-milled cotton.


IBM identified jacquard looms, designed in the early 19th century, as one of the earliest forms of computer programming. The looms simplified the production of complexly patterned textiles and were controlled by a continuous series of punched cards (each card corresponding to a row of the design). Modern versions of these textiles are widely available today in items like blankets and clothing.

California-based Taylor Stitch utilizes custom-developed Portuguese jacquard fabric in two of its best-selling shirts from their Workshop. One shirt features a simple white dot pattern on a navy fabric and the other reverses that same fabric to feature a dash pattern on navy. Both shirts include a single chest pocket, durable Japanese urea buttons and a tailored fit with a high armhole. Made in Portugal, these shirts will add a tasteful amount of pattern and texture to your wardrobe and have a distinct fabric that sets them apart from your typical button-ups.

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