These Merino Base Layers Are Your New Travel Essentials

Socks, boxers and a tee.


Civic, the commuter-focused sub-brand of Taylor Stitch, just released a collection of merino base layers perfect for travel. Consisting of socks, boxers and a tee, prices top out at $55, but to sweeten the deal, the brand offers a price cut when buying multiple items. If you buy all three items, you can save $24. You can also save up to $12 when buying two or more pairs of socks or boxers.

Merino wool is the ultimate natural performance fiber. It’s breathable, lightweight and odor-resistant. The fibers carry an alkaline charge that neutralizes unpleasant odors by attracting acidic molecules in your sweat. Among other things, the material is also quick drying and static-resistant. That host of features make it the choice material for clothing when packing light. Whether you’re heading out on a business trip, an overseas vacation or just a weekend away from the city, consider this set of base layers an essential addition to your luggage.

Buy Now: $23 +

The Merino Sock by Civic $23

The Merino Boxer by Civic $55

The Antoni Tee by Civic $55

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