Nau S-Cargo Pant

Not Made from Snails


Who says cargo pants need to have 10 pockets that make you look like you just shoplifted a Walmart? You can still be practical enough to carry some of your can’t-live-without gear while looking sleek and stylish. Here’s where the Nau S-Cargo Pant ($125) plays an essential role in your urban wardrobe. We donned a pair recently and found them to be comfortable, fashionable and downright cool. Nau has been one of our favorite brands because they think big but operate small, right here in the U.S., and they use sustainable materials, another primary factor in our lust for their well-made clothing.

The S-Cargo Pant bears 5 pockets, two front, two rear flap and one (not 10) slim thigh pocket on the right pant leg. Great details like a lined waistband and double stitching are at least a notch above your standard cargo pants. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to wear these with a cotton sportcoat and boots or trendy sneaks. One thing’s for sure. They are very easy to wear with no odd bunching where wrinkles can congregate and they span the gap between completely casual and comfortably dressy. Nau even threw in 1% spandex material so you can hoof it to the next party without splitting your seams.

Buy Now: $125

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