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Rimowa’s New Trunks Are Great for People Who Can’t Pack Light

Got a lot of gear to take on your next big trip?


Rimowa’s new Trunk S isn’t the right piece of luggage for everyone. But for people who regularly go on long-haul trips and need to carry a lot of clothing and gear with them, it’s a pretty perfect solution for that age-old question: How am I going to pack all this stuff?

The Trunk S, part of a new collection of trunks in Rimowa’s Original line, uses the same lightweight anodized aluminum found in its other sharp-looking rollers, but it’s optimized to allow seasoned travelers the space to bring everything they’re going to need — without the bag getting too unwieldy. It means you can get a lot into the case and still roll it through the terminal with relative ease. And peace of mind, too: the hard-sided bag makes it near impossible for anything external to harm your belongings. But if your Aesop toner and Marvis toothpaste get all over your sweaters, well, that’s on you.

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