This Is an Exact Replica of a U.S. Gov’t Issued Jacket from the ‘30s

Painstakingly produced by The Real McCoy’s Americana-focused brand Joe McCoy.


Japanese brand The Real McCoy’s has a reputation for producing some of the most exacting reproductions of iconic vintage clothing and footwear. The brand’s founder, Hitoshi Tsujimoto, made a name for himself as a vintage clothing dealer in the late ‘70s, scouring the U.S. for grail-worthy garments to sell in Japan. And in the early aughts, he founded The Real McCoy’s, subsequently launching a handful of sub-brands including Double Diamond (reproducing early 20th-century workwear) and Buco (reproducing the iconic American motorcycle jackets of the same name).

Tsujimoto also created a brand called Joe McCoy, named after a notable 19th-century American entrepreneur. His answer to Ralph Lauren’s Americana-focused RRL brand, the brand offers unique reproductions of notable American garments including sportswear, denim and workwear. One of its newest releases is a painstakingly crafted wool CCC jacket originally issued by the U.S. Government in the 1930s.

Although the Civilian Conservation Corps employed over 3 million American civilians as part of FDR’s New Deal, CCC clothing contracts were a responsibility of the U.S. Army Quartermaster. The Joe McCoy reproduction of one of these work coat styles is cut from a wool plaid fabric and includes two front pockets, a button front and a ribbed hem. It also features a shawl collar can be extended in inclement weather and button-cuffs.

Available in sizes 38, 40 and 42, the CCC jacket retails for $726. While that’s a substantial sum for a wool coat, you’re paying for an incredible replica of a hard-wearing coat. Original versions of the jacket are incredibly rare and only a few are known to exist in private collections, so if you’re enamored with the style, this new model is your best shot at owning one.

Buy Now: $726

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