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These Limited Edition Blacked-Out Persols Are Already Sold Out

As if being inspired by the king of cool wasn’t enough, these shades were given a totally unique look.


Unlike younger brands in the eyewear industry, Italian sunglasses company Persol doesn’t have to work all too hard to sell its 714 series shades. The reason why is pretty simple; Steve McQueen wore them. Most guys don’t really need much more of a reason to buy something than that. But the folks at Eyegoodies still figured they could add a little something extra to the shades to make them that much better. The only downside of doing such a bang-up job? They’ve already sold out.

It is easy to see why. This Eyegoodies Custom Project took the already special edition 714SM and added black polarized lenses made by Nikon. To top it off, those lenses were then finished with something called Black Ice which, other than just sounding hard as hell, are purported to ‘provide the sharpest visual acuity’ during even the brightest of days.

The resulting black-on-black package with metallic accents is a killer one that I personally am feeling pretty bad about missing out on. For others who feel a similar aching sense of deprivation and loss — I’ve pulled together a quick list of other recommended sunglasses below that may also hit that sweet spot.

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